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Common EDI transactions

Process EDI transactions with all your partners

CovalentWorks makes it easy to send and receive EDI transaction sets. All you need is web access and email. We take care of all the work "behind the scenes" necessary to make transactions flow between you and your customers.

Your customers can send you EDI transaction sets such as EDI 850 purchase orders, and receive transactions such as EDI 856 advance shipping notices and EDI 810 invoices.

CovalentWorks supports any transaction type required by any customer you may have anywhere in the world. Both the ANSI X-12 and the EDIFACT standards are supported with our cloud EDI software:

ASC X-12 Transactions

Chartered by the American National Standards Institure (ANSI), the ASC (Accredited Standards Committee) X-12 develops and maintains EDI standards that facilitate electronic interchange relating to business transactions such as order placement and processing, shipping and receiving information, invoicing, payment and cash application data, and data to and from entities involved in finance, insurance, transportation, supply chains and state and federal governments. Membership includes business process experts encompassing subcommittees that represent industries like Communications & Controls, Finance, Government, Transportation, Supply Chain and Insurance. Below are some of the common X-12 transactions with their respective industries:

EDIFACT Transactions

Developed by the United Nations, EDIFACT is the international standard for electronic data interchange (EDI). The three major components of EDIFACT are a standard syntax for structuring data, i-EDI (interactive EDI), and standard messages to accommodate interaction among various industries and countries. EDIFACT stands for Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport. Below are some of the common EDIFACT transactions:

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