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How do I implement EDI capability?

At CovalentWorks, we take pride in making EDI as easy as email for our customers. Part of fulfilling that goal is in making EDI implementation simple and stress free by making the entire process turnkey. There is no software that you need to buy, install or maintain. Everything you need for EDI implementation and capability runds on CovalentWorks secure web servers, so all you need is an internet connection.

What Does EDI Capability Mean?

More and more customers require their suppliers to have the ability to reliably exchange EDI documents because it improves efficiency. With other EDI companies, becoing EDI capable involves buying or outsourcing the following components:

  • EDI software
  • Mail boxing of EDI transactions
  • VAN (Value Added Network) or AS/2 or FTP communication as required by various partners
  • A server or PC, communication devices, and peripherals
  • Monitored security, backups and redundant power
  • Mapping and translation software
  • Additional EDI software if integration of the transactions with accounting or other back office systems is desired
  • Personnel training in how to use the software and communication devices
  • Development and testing of maps with each EDI trading partner for all EDI transaction types.

CovalentWorks, however, wants to make the process of EDI implementation simple.

Where CovalentWorks Comes In

By outsourcing your EDI needs to CovalentWorks, our service takes care of everything in the above list. We minimize your cost and effort through:

  • Automating the document flow between you and your partners
  • Taking care of all set up, mapping and testing with your partners
  • Free upgrades to new versions of EDI as required by your partners
  • No investment in hardware
  • No new staffing
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No annual fees
  • No software to purchase or maintain

How Long Will It Take To Implement EDI?

Implementing EDI with your customer ususally takes 2 to 7 business days. Our team will implement all of the EDI transactions that your customer requires. This will not use any of your time.

Customer Care will set up your company on our secure servers, establish EDI communication with your customer, and test all of the required EDI transactions. Your customer will know you are EDI capable when we contact their EDI department at the beginning of the implementation process. Full EDI compliance will be in place after testing is finished.

CovalentWorks specialty is outsourcing all of the components of EDI for small and mid-sized companies. All our clients need is internet access and email. We take care of everything - all of the software, VAN transmission, hardware, communications, mapping, labor and EDI expertise.

Give us a call toll free anytime at 800-496-3380 to get started today.

Fast and Easy EDI Capability

Call us toll-free anytime at 800-496-3380. We will quickly take care of everything required to make you EDI capable and compliant with your customers' requirements.

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