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EDI outsourcing through CovalentWorks electronically links you via the Internet to all your partners – large, medium and small. Using the web for EDI capabilities develops closer relationships with partners and reduces costs for you, your customers and your vendors.

Customers are under pressure to realize an EDI set up that reduces procurement process costs by automating manual processes. More and more customers want their suppliers to have the ability to exchange B2B e-commerce documents. Many now have a partners program that requires their suppliers to have EDI capabilities. CovalentWorks can quickly implement an EDI set up with web EDI capabilities when suppliers want to:

  • comply with their customers’ own EDI capabilities and requirements.
  • lower prices by reducing the administrative burden on their customers.
  • increase their efficiency by automating B2B process using our web-based EDI.
  • improve the speed and accuracy of received customer documents.
  • maintain control of their customer relationships and documents.
  • preserve the unique business arrangements they have worked hard to create with their customers.
  • support selling to their customers in the way they want to buy, including EDI. transactions, XML transactions, flat files and other web-based electronic document formats.
  • And more!

Why Outsource EDI to CovalentWorks?

CovalentWorks’ EDI Outsourcing Services enable you to outsource EDI and exchange business documents electronically with your trading partners without worrying about what back office application they use.

Your information and your trading partner's document format are translated and automatically transmitted. All you need is internet access and email capability. There is no software or hardware to install. Our hosting service provides the application solution for you and takes care of day-to-day transmission monitoring.

You can choose to use MyB2B for convenient web forms or B2BWorks for support of XML, flat file and other electronic document formats necessary to integrate EDI with your application software.

Companies of all sizes use CovalentWorks EDI services to improve their efficiency and meet their trading partners’ requirements for purchase orders, invoices, acknowledgments, RFQ’s and other B2B information such as forecasts, catalogs, and inventory levels.

As you consider outsourcing EDI capabilities to a third party solution provider, please browse our web site or call toll-free 1-800-496-3380 extension 10 to find out more. We will be glad to answer your questions and tell you more about our EDI and B2B e-commerce experience.

For EDI Services for suppliers, click on this link –

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Buyers EDI Services Overview

  • Download or view on-line our free EDI Basics Guide. The EDI Basics Guide is an easy-to-read handbook that explains EDI and how it works.
  • Visit our Learning center to read a quick overview of EDI, find answers to frequently asked questions, or access our comprehensive glossary of EDI terms.
  • Visit our white papers page to access free white papers on topics of interest to growing small companies.
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