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EDI Compliance with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)

AAFES has been serving military personnel since 1895 and concentrates on providing great service at competitively low prices. AAFES is one of the largest retailers that non-military folks do not know about. AAFES serves about 13 million customers and has over 3,000 stores worldwide. Headquartered is in Dallas, TX.

The Exchange helps improve their customers’ quality of life by providing necessities that are tax free and usually heavily discounted. These necessities include uniforms, any type of gear, sports equipment, furniture, lawn decorations, and much more.

EDI documents are communicated a transmission method called AS/2 (Applicability Statement 2). The following EDI document types and labels have been fully tested by CovalentWorks for exact compliance with AAFES EDI specifications. 

ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) transactions have been mandatory since January of 2008 following the implementation of RMS (Retek Merchandising System). ASN’s from suppliers automatically update RMS. ASNs contains detailed information about the products that are being sent to AAFES and transportation information.  For example, the gross weight, SCAC code, shipping carrier name, Bill of Lading number, carrier PRO, and shipping date will be included as well as data that comes from the purchase order.

AAFES uses the SOPI format for ASN’s. SOPI stands for Shipment, Order, Pack (carton) and Item. SOPI as also known as “Pick and Pack” because more than one type of item can be packed into the same carton. AAFES uses two types of SOPI ASN’s. The two types are “Non-mark for Store” and “Mark of Store.”

AAFES uses a cross docking system that speeds up the delivery process. Cross docking is a logistics system in which products from a supplier are distributed to a store through a distribution center. Trucks from the suppliers dock on one side of the supply center and trucks going out to the stores dock on the other side of the supplier center. Product is not usually stored at the supply center. Cross docking minimizes handling and storage time.

In addition, AAFES uses a Transportation Management System (TMS) which combines different orders with the same ship date and destination into larger, lower-cost, and more direct route shipments.  Supplier pickups are scheduled through either EDI transactions or through the AAFES website.

AAFES uses these labels types when purchase orders are filled; Standard Shipping Label, Standard Shipping Label with optional UPC code, and a Standard Shipping Label with Mark-For-Store.



AAFES Barcode Shipping Label Examples

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