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About CovalentWorks

We Make "EDI as easy as email®"

CovalentWorks makes EDI as easy as email® by providing specialized web-based (cloud) Electronic Data Interchange software and services. We specialize in complete EDI outsourcing solutions for small business. Since our cloud EDI software solution is in the cloud, no upgrades to software is needed and no hardware is required. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

CovalentWorks enables you to easily connect with any EDI partner located anywhere in the world. We're a small business, so we understand the needs of other small businesses. That's why our all-inclusive EDI solutions are designed to save clients time as they manage and fulfill orders so that they can focus on growing their business.

Clients save time because our systems and personnel are focused exclusively on working with our clients to provide easy-to-use, consistent, and reliable EDI transactions with their customers.

Unbeatable Pricing. No Hidden Fees.

With no monthly "plan" to choose, you always get the best price every month. There is no monthly fee per customer or per user. And absolutely no hidden fees.

  • Formatted, ready-to-print GS1-128 (formally UCC-128) shipping labels are free!
  • And with no long-term contract, you can opt-out at any time.
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Our Name

"Covalent" means tight bonds. We produce EDI solutions that improve efficiency by helping suppliers develop tight bonds with their customers using electronic transactions.

Every electronic transaction type required by our clients' customers is supported. Typical transaction types include sales-related communications such as product and catalog information, inventory availability, delivery schedules and demand forecasts, along with accounting documents such as purchase orders, acknowledgements, shipping notices and invoices.

The "Works" of CovalentWorks is short for network. CovalentWorks can connect clients with any of 160,000 EDI trading partners anywhere in the world. Interconnects are maintained with every VAN in the Americas, Europe, Asia and everywhere else.

Affordable outsourcing

Set up and monthly services fees are a low flat rate for many Covalent clients. There is no software or hardware to buy. No in-house EDI or XML expertise is required. Covalent takes care of all of the headaches and details.

EDI solutions

All-inclusive EDI solutions support transactions between businesses in any electronic format; including EDI, XML, flat files, e-mail and spreadsheets.

A wide variety of transaction types are supported such as purchase orders, acknowledgments, shipping notices, delivery tickets, and invoices. CovalentWorks' Client Service Managers and programming staff use time-proven processes to implement dependable EDI solutions with the customers of our clients.

Your solution is a click away! All you need is Internet access and e-mail. No EDI software is required.

Partner experience

CovalentWorks has extensive EDI experience with partners in the retail, distribution, industrial, chemical, energy, automotive and government sectors. Millions of EDI transactions are processed every year for our clients.

CovalentWorks is a VAN (Value Added Network) and interconnects with every other VAN that our clients' customers use. CovalentWorks also uses AS/2 over the Internet to move transactions between businesses.

Company Information

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EDI Solution Comparison

Comparison Item




Web-based portal
Interfaces to other systems Optional
Complete turnkey solution: ✓*
GS1-128 bar code labels Optional
Web-based software
Works with 3PL
Phone and email support
Online help
Transaction mapping
Trading partner testing

All EDI Solutions Also Include:

Access from Anywhere

Unlimited number of users

No annual fee, no maintenance fee

No fee per EDI customer per month

Month to month agreement, no long-term contract

*IT support required during testing for B2BWorks.

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