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Advance Ship Notices

CovalentWorks makes EDI as easy as email. Many EDI trading partners require advanced ship notices and the corresponding GS1128 barcode shipping labels, formerly known as UCC128 labels. The advanced ship notice does just what its name says. It tells your customer in advance that your shipment is on the way. Information about the shipment destination, delivery schedule and transportation carrier is typically included. The ASN is also an electronic packing slip that tells your customer how you have packed each of your shipping cartons. Here's how it works.

First, your electronic ASN assigns each carton a unique SSCC18 number. Second, a barcode label is printed for the carton that has the unique SSCC18 number from your ASN. Third, when the receiving dock scans the barcode label, it will match to the electronic ASN you sent them. Your customer will know the shipment is from you and the items inside without having to open the box. Your shipment is matched to the buyers purchase order added to your customer's inventory automatically without manual key entry of the information. These automated processes save your customer time, reduce errors and help them be more efficient as they move your product to market. ASNs and barcode shipping labels are just three easy steps with MyB2B.

Step one. Create your ASN.

MyB2B auto fills the ASN with information from your purchase order. You can create an ASN from one order or combine several orders into one ASN shipment. Just select the orders you need and then click on create ASN. MyB2B supports any ASN type including multiple location and multiple store. If your customer's order contains carrier information, it will be auto filled or if you always have the same carrier information, it will be saved as a default field so you don't have to key it in each time. Your customers order may specify how they want shipments packed. If so MyB2B automates the process and matches the order items to the correct packing cartons. MyB2B supports most any packing method and offers auto packing features that save time and reduce errors. When a buyer does not specify packing requirements, you control the choice. You can select an automatic or a custom packing method. The ASN is under your complete control and any field can be changed. For example you can update item quantity if you're not shipping the entire order. Any required fields that are not auto filled are clearly identified with a red star. Click update and required fields not entered will be listed at the top left of the web page. You will review the ASN and make changes as necessary. MyB2B SmartPak advanced capability includes autofill, auto pack, validation checks and proven ASN formats. These features ensure accuracy to avoid charge backs and they save you valuable time.

Step two. Print your labels.

MyB2B delivers ready to print GS1128 barcode shipping labels. There is no barcode software for you to buy, install or maintain and no requirement for special printing equipment or hardware. Choose any laser or thermal printer you want. Most clients prefer a thermal printer because it prints with heat instead of ink making the label more durable. MyB2B is flexible, so it meets your workflow needs. You can prepare and save ASN before your shipment date so they are available when you need them. MyB2B allows you to print labels in advance even if you are waiting for more ASN information such as shipment weight or tracking numbers. Just click create labels to immediately produce a PDF file with labels for all your shipping cartons. Print your labels anywhere and anytime 24/7. Save the PDF file to print later or email it to your warehouse for remote printing. You can print a pick list to support your packing process. Packing slips are available if you need to add them to your shipment. Even special barcode packing slips required by some customers for drop ships are included. Every trading partner has different label requirements. They will be similar but not the same. MyB2B takes care of the specific label requirements for your particular customer.

Step 3. Send your ASN.

When it's time, just click Submit and MyB2B takes care of the rest. Your customer will be sent an electronic ASN that is compliant with their EDI requirements. Your electronic ASN must be acknowledged before your shipment is delivered to the customer's receiving dock. Your customer will tell you the business rules for when they want to receive the ASN. Monitoring the status of your ASN is easy. Your buyer's EDI system will transmit a 997 functional acknowledgement when it receives your ASN. The acknowledgement is an electronic handshake that confirms the ASN was received. MyB2B ASN reports display acknowledgement status for you. The acknowledgement status column on the ASN report page will change from NA, for not acknowledged to A, for acknowledged. Your ASNs are available online. Managing your ASNs is easy with report, search and print features. You can easily review ASNs you have sent in the past.

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