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B2BWorks Benefits

Why would your small business need B2BWorks for Suppliers?

Increase your order processing efficiency

  • Automate electronic document flow between you and your customers
  • Eliminate manual keying in of orders - Customers' EDI transaction orders are translated and then automatically received by your sales order or accounting application
  • Minimize problem resolution time - Improve communication with electronic PO Acknowledgements and Advance Shipping Notices
  • Send electronic documents back to customers in their required EDI transaction format

Improve your "Order to Cash" cycle

  • Speed customer matching of Invoices with Purchase Orders for faster payment
  • Correct invoices before they age by receiving immediate notification from customers concerning invoices issues
  • Receive electronic, ACH deposits for faster payment of your invoices
  • Collaborate with demand forecast information to reduce days of inventory coverage

Make your company less expensive to buy from

  • Reduce your customers' A/P problem resolution time
  • Standardize your customers’ buying process with you
  • Keep buyers and expeditors informed with Acknowledgements and Advance Shipping Notices
  • Improve your customers' ability to utilize "faster pay" programs such as rebates

Make your company easier to do business with

  • Comply with customers' EDI compliance requirements
  • Increase proactive customer sales and service activities without additional overhead
  • Share more information with your customers – easily and electronically

More and more companies want their suppliers to have the ability to reliably exchange electronic commerce documents. They are under pressure to reduce their procurement process costs by automating manual processes and eliminating the expensive processing of paper documents.

Customer also want to improve the accuracy of the Purchase Orders they send and the Invoices they receive. Both suppliers and their customers agree that inaccurate Purchase Orders and Invoices create expensive exception processes.

Suppliers want to increase their efficiency. Suppliers are finding they take advantage of the benefits of EDI and reduce costs by automating B2B processes with their customers. Payment delays are frequently due to hard copy Invoices that have been misplaced or delayed in the approval process by coding errors so, like customers, suppliers are looking to improve Invoice accuracy.

Suppliers want to tighten important customer relationships. They want to make themselves less expensive to buy from by reducing the administrative burden on their customers - from Purchasing, Operations, and though Accounts Payable. Suppliers also want to become easier to buy from, so they are reallocating internal administrative tasks to proactive customer service activities.

Suppliers want to maintain control of their customer relationships and transactions. They want to preserve the unique business arrangements they have worked hard to create with their customer and continue selling to their customers in the way they want to buy.

B2BWorks for Suppliers means efficiency that works - for suppliers and their customers.


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Web-based portal
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Complete turnkey solution: ✓*
GS1-128 bar code labels Optional
Web-based software
Works with 3PL
Phone and email support
Online help
Transaction mapping
Trading partner testing

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Access from Anywhere

Unlimited number of users

No annual fee, no maintenance fee

No fee per EDI customer per month

Month to month agreement, no long-term contract

*IT support required during testing for B2BWorks.