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B2BWorks Transaction Features

Orders (850)

  • Any order type – multiple locations, stores, sub-line items
  • New incoming orders updated every 5 minutes
  • Orders available on-line 24 X 7 except Sundays 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • Print order, packing slip/pick lists as needed
  • Print batches of branded packing slips without manual data entry
  • Orders sent to users anywhere, ex. your offshore manufacturing facilities
  • Automatic 997 functional acknowledgment of order receipt
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855) supported if customer requires it
  • Integration with your system available

Orders and third parties (850)

  • Orders sent to your third party warehouse or logistics provider (3PL)
  • Orders can be translated into 940 warehouse shipping orders
  • Warehouse can send you warehouse shipping advices
  • Brokers can be cc’d for orders
  • Integration with your system and your third party's system available

Purchase Order Acknowledgments (855)

  • Send purchase order acknowledgments (855) with one click
  • Edit quantity, unit price or any other field
  • Scheduled ship date optionally auto-populated with current date or with a date based on your rules
  • Automatic send of purchase order acknowledgment if you always ship the full order as requested
  • Integration with your system available

Advance Ship Notices (856)

  • Can be prepared on-line or off-line
  • Data entry minimized - data from PO copied to advance ship notice with one click
  • Advance ship notices can be also be pre-filled with data from planning schedules sent by your customer
  • One click packing - choose Pick and Pack, Automatic Pack, One Item per Carton, Fixed Quantity per Carton or Single Line Item number
  • Multiple advance ship notices can be sent at once
  • Hard-coded values reused from advance ship notice to another
  • Send as many advance ship notices as needed for one order
  • Send one advance ship notice for multiple purchase orders if needed
  • Advance ship notices are supported even if customer does not send you purchase orders
  • Any advance ship notices structure required by your customer supported
  • Both ANSI X-12 856 advance ship notice and DESADV EDIFACT supported
  • UCC-128, GS-1, and EAN-128 shipping labels are pre-filled with data from advance shipping notices
  • Integration with your system and your third party's system available

Invoices (810)

  • Data entry minimized - data from PO copied to invoice with one click
  • Data needed on invoice but not on PO optionally hard coded, ex. if terms not on PO, terms can be hard coded so you do not have to enter them
  • Send as many invoices per PO as needed
  • Change any field on the invoice except the PO number
  • Use your invoice numbers or our default invoice number
  • Multiple invoices per PO automatically generated if customer requires invoicing by destination but customer sends multiple destinations on just one PO (an SDQ type PO)
  • Customer special case requirements supported including multiple allowances and discounts
  • Create multiple invoices for multiple PO’s at the same time
  • Invoices supported if you do not have a PO first (PO faxed to you or called in)
  • Invoices for review and edit have your catalog item numbers, description and pricing to minimize data entry
  • Integration with your system available

Acknowledgments (997)

  • Acknowledgments sent automatically for incoming transactions such as orders
  • On-line view of acknowledgments indicating that your customer has received advance ship notices
  • On-line view of acknowledgments indicating that your customer has received invoices
  • On-line view status of acknowledgments indicating errors, or rejected transactions
  • Integration with your system available


Any transaction and version (including, but not limited to the following)

  • 876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change
  • 880 Grocery Products Invoice
  • 940 Warehouse Shipping Order
  • 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
  • 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
  • 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
  • 990 Response to a Load Tender
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgment
  • REQOTE Request for Quotation
  • QUOTES Response to Request for Quotation
  • ORDERS Purchase Order
  • ORDRSP Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • ORDCHG Purchase Order Change
  • ORDRSP Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement
  • ORSSTA Order Status Inquiry
  • ORDREP Order Status Report
  • DELFOR Planning Schedule /Material Release
  • DELJIT Shipping Schedule
  • DESADV Ship Notice /manifest (ASN)
  • RECADV Receiving Advice
  • INVRPT Inventory Inquiry/ Advice
  • INVOIC Invoice
  • REMADV Payment order/Remittance Advice
  • CONTRL Functional Acknowledgement
  • BANSTA Application Advice

Barcode shipping labels

  • All versions of UCC-128, GS1-128, and EAN-128 barcode labels are supported. barcode labels samples
  • Labels are pre-filled with data from advance shipping notices and purchase orders
  • Scan-ready labels meet your customers' specifications
  • No barcode software to buy, install, upgrade, or test
  • Print labels anywhere they are needed from easy-to-use web pages or PDF's
  • Print on a laser or thermal printer

Anytime, anywhere service

  • All you need is Internet access and email
  • Use any PC or Mac
  • View all transactions online
  • No software to buy, install, upgrade, or test
  • Print barcode shipping labels anywhere
  • 1.5 years of transaction history viewable online
  • Transactions available 24 X 7 except Sundays 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • Unlimited users

Complete solution, fast implementation with any customer

  • We quickly do all of the following for you:
  • VAN service or AS/2 for EDI transmission
  • Mailboxing of EDI transactions
  • Mapping and translation of all EDI transaction types
  • Installing upgrades to software as needed
  • Testing with EDI trading partners
  • Upgrades for new versions as required by trading partners
  • Training of your users

Optional integration with your systems

  • Interface can be added at any time for most any accounting system including QuickBooks, Sage MAS 90/200/500, Peachtree, and over 20 others
  • Interface can be added for shipping systems UPS WorldShip, Mail Order Manager
  • Interfaces can be added for your custom in-house system using any format you need including XML, CVS, or other file format.
  • Learn more about integration options



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Web-based portal
Interfaces to other systems Optional
Complete turnkey solution: ✓*
GS1-128 bar code labels Optional
Web-based software
Works with 3PL
Phone and email support
Online help
Transaction mapping
Trading partner testing

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*IT support required during testing for B2BWorks.