Bass Pro Shops EDI Compliance

Bed Bath and Beyond was established in 1971 and has been a leader in their industry for many years with just a few competitors. The stores sell bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dinning room supplies as well as outdoor, storage, and home improvement.

Bed Bath and Beyond has over 1,500 stores that are located in the United Sates, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The company is included in the S&P 500, Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 lists.

EDI documents are communicated using the encrypted protocol AS/2 (Applicability Statement 2). Listed below are the EDI document types and labels that have been fully verified by CovalentWorks for accurate compliance with Bed Bath and Beyond’s EDI requirements.

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Bass Pro Shop EDI Requirements

Bed Bath and Beyond requires several kinds of labels when suppliers ship orders. Some of these labels types are:

Shipping 1 SKU per carton

Label for shipping to Consolidator or Pool Network

SOPI ASN type and shipping 1 SKU per carton

Pick and pack (multiple SKU) per carton

Shipping a single SKU per carton with a special region label

Shipping multiple SKU’s per carton with a special region label

The ASN (Advance Shipping notice) will have comprehensive information about the items that are being shipped, how the items are packed, and how they are being transported. For example, the Numeric Gross Weight, SCAC code, Bill of Lading, Shipped date, and Pack Quantity will be included as well as information that comes straight from the purchase order.

Bed Bath and Beyond uses the SOPI and SOIP format for ASN’s.  SOPI is mainly used for shipments with more than one item type and SOIP is used for shipments that have only one item type.

An SOPI (Shipment, Order, Pack (carton) and Item) ASN is also known as “Pick and Pack” because more than one type of item can be picked from the supplier’s shelves and packed into the same carton.

SOIP (Shipment, Order, Item and Pack) is commonly called “Standard Pack” because it allows for only one product type to be packed into any one container.  

Both parcel and LTL carriers are used for transportation of goods. Bed Bath and Beyond has suppliers send shipments directly to stores as well as through their logistics network. The network includes cross docking at warehouses and subsequent pool distribution of products to multiple stores within a geographic area.  

For Review:

  • Types of ASNs:
    • SOIP_20 Use if packing one SKU per carton
    • SOPI_20 Use if packing MULTIPLE SKUs per carton
  • Shipping requirements:
    • 1 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_AutoFacilityCode ................for shipping 1 SKU per carton
    • 2 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_AutoFacilityCode_Mexico_Canada_Hawaii_Alaska ............for shipping 1 SKU per carton; special region format
    • 3 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_AutoFacilityCode_MEX_CAN_HI_AK .............for shipping 1 SKU per carton; special region label
    • 4 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_Consolidator ...............Label for shipping to Consolidator or Pool Network
    • 5 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_Customized_1 .....................for shipping 1 SKU per carton; Customized label to show Vendor Item Number in XREF table
    • 6 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_DB ....................for shipping 1 SKU per carton; pulling ST from Database
    • 7 BBB_129086880888_SOIP_XLS ...........................for shipping 1 SKU per carton; pulling ST from Xref table
    • BBB_129086880888_SOPI_AFCode_Mixed_SKU_MEX_CAN_HI_AK ........for shipping multiple SKU per carton; special region label
    • 9 BBB_129086880888_SOPI_AFCode_Single_SKU_MEX_CAN_HI_AK .........for shipping single SKU per carton; special region label
    • 10 BBB_129086880888_SOPI_AutoFacilityCode_Mixed_SKU ...............for pick & pack (multiple SKU) per carton
    • 11 BBB_129086880888_SOPI_AutoFacilityCode_Single_SKU ...........................SOPI ASN type but shipping 1 SKU per carton
    • 12 BBB_129086880888_SOPI_Single_SKU_Customized_1 ...............for shipping 1 SKU per carton; Customized label to show Vendor Item Number in XREF table

Here is a label sample:


Bass Pro Shop Barcode Shipping Label Examples

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