CEVA Logistics EDI Compliance

CEVA logistics is one of the more prominent supply chain companies. The company offers contract logistics and freight forwarding services to large and medium sized international companies. CEVA has facilities in over 160 countries worldwide and employs around 42,000 people.

CEVA provides services in the auto, consumer and retail, healthcare, technology, industrial, and energy sectors.

EDI documents are transmitted over a connection protocol called AS/2(Applicability Statement 2). Below are the EDI document types and labels that are required by CEVA logistics and that have been fully verified by CovalentWorks for accurate compliance with CEVA Logistics’ EDI requirements.

The ASN (Advance Shipping notice) will have extensive information about the items that are being shipped and how they are being transported. For example, the gross weight, SCAC code, shipment ID number, shipping carrier name, Bill of Lading number and shipping date will be included as well as information directly from the purchase order.

CEVA uses the SOI format for ASN’s. SOI stands for Shipment, Order, and Pack (carton). SOI is also known as “summary ASN” and does not have as much carton detail information as some other ASN structures. CEVA uses several types of SOI ASN’s. The types are:

  • Pickup Appointment
  • Delivery Appointment
  • Depart Pick Up
  • Depart Delivery
  • Completed Loading Pickup
  • Unload Delivery
  • Arrived At Delivery
  • Arrived At Pick Up
  • En Route Report

CEVA Logistics Barcode Shipping Label Examples

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