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CVS EDI Compliance

CVS was established in 1963 and has become the 2nd largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. based on total sales, behind only Walgreens.  CVS is also the 2nd largest pharmacy based on total prescription revenue. The company has over 7,500 stores in the U.S.

CVS offers a wide variety of general merchandise such as greeting cards, beauty items, over the counter drugs, cosmetics, photo finishing services as well as prescription drugs.

EDI documents are transmitted over a connection protocol called VAN which stands for Value Added Network. Below are the EDI document types and labels that are required by CVS and which have been fully verified by CovalentWorks for accurate compliance with CVS’s EDI requirements. 

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CVS EDI Requirements

CVS’s suppliers use a couple label types when a purchase order is fulfilled.

The GS1-128 label has a “mark for” location that can indicate the final store destination for the carton or a distribution center if the carton is not going out to a store immediately.

The ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) will contain comprehensive information about the packing of the products that are being sent to CVS and as well as transportation information. For example, the numeric weight, SCAC code, Bill of Lading number, shipped date, current schedule delivery date, ship to name, buying party, state license ID number, certifier name, carton’s weight, and product ID will be included in addition to data that comes from the purchase order

CVS uses the SOPI and SOTPI format for ASN’s. SOPI is mainly used for shipments with more than one item type. An SOPI (Shipment, Order, Pack (carton) and Item) ASN is also known as “Pick and Pack” because more than one type of item can be picked from the storage and packed into the same carton. 

The SOTPI packing structure is like the SOPI packing structure, except that the cartons are in turn loaded onto one or more pallets/slips. The “T” stands for Tare which is the same as pallet.

CVS employs a cross docking system that accelerates the distribution procedure. Cross docking is a logistics scheme in which items from a supplier are shipped to a store through a supply center. Trucks from the suppliers pull up on one side of the supply center and trucks going out to the stores dock on the other side of the supplier center. 

Here is a label sample:

CVS Barcode Shipping Label Examples

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