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eSupplierWorks™ Automates the Onboarding of EDI Compliant Suppliers

You currently use EDI to automate the flow of business documents with suppliers. Why not automate the onboarding process also and

  • Rapidly increase the number of EDI compliant suppliers
  • Add new EDI document types such as Advance Ship Notices with existing EDI capable suppliers
  • Add a new EDI document flow path such as a path for drop ship suppliers
  • Easily track and report supplier onboarding progress
  • Test EDI suppliers under 1 minute

Automation Assistance

eSupplierWorksTM is an automation tool for fast onboarding and hands-free EDI testing of suppliers. eSupplierWorks™ is affordable.  It can make you and your team EDI heroes with 24 X 7 superpowers

Here’s how - eSupplierWorks™ is a cloud portal we customize to your company’s EDI specifications and onboarding tasks. Your existing EDI environment does not need to be changed at all.

Then it's as easy as 1-2-3

You invite suppliers to log on and complete onboarding tasks in the portal
Suppliers test documents online and get results instantly
You move fully-tested suppliers into production


  • STREAMLINE completion of onboarding tasks
  • ELIMINATE manual testing with back-and-forth emails 
  • UNLEASH fast, easy testing for suppliers in a cloud portal
  • WIELD the power of online validation of content, business rules, and cross-document checks
  • UNLOCK a cloud portal branded with your company logo, color scheme, and name in the URL
  • TRACK supplier progress in real-time with reports and graphs



Hands-free automation that delivers fast and easy onboarding of suppliers. Request a demo

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Our Story

By testing thousands of suppliers & their EDI hub trading partners, we have learned what makes the process work from both sides.

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eSupplierWorksTM accelerates your in-house EDI compliance testing and increases the number of suppliers onboarded.

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Learn about eSupplierWorks'TM features which are based on CovalentWorks experience with thousands of EDI implementations.

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Program Definition

eSupplierWorksTM has a Program Definition that facilitates planning & initiative for onboarding EDI suppliers. Learn more here!

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Supplier Outreach

eSupplierWorksTM Supplier Outreach provides you with the capability to contact and follow up with suppliers you have identified for EDI compliance.

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Self Service Compliance Testing

eSupplierWorksTM provides everything your suppliers need for self-service onboarding and compliance testing.

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Non-EDI Capable Suppliers

Non-EDI capable suppliers are contacted with your permission as your preferred EDI partner & offered our affordable, easy-to-use EDI solutions.

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Read Frequently Asked Questions about eSupplierWorksTM.

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Production Status

Learn the process of eSupplierWorksTM production status and the amount of options one has with negotiation of the completion of testing tasks.

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Production Errors

eSupplierWorksTM allows the option to apply the same validation rules to the stream of production supplier transactions as were used during testing.

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Complete Validation Capability

Learn how eSupplierWorksTM validation can be configured to match all your EDI guidelines here.

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Automated Testing for Your Suppliers

Your relationship with your suppliers is important. eSupplierWorksTM can have your company's branding to reinforce that relationship. The cloud portal includes your company logo and color scheme as well as your company name in the URL

After suppliers log into the cloud portal, the entire onboarding and testing process is fast and easy. 

Suppliers are guided through the entire onboarding process with task checklists, FAQ’s and training videos.

They can do all of their EDI testing by downloading and uploading documents to the portal.  The portal is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Complete validation capability is provided. Test feedback is instantaneous.

Errors that do not comply with your guidelines are clearly explained. Your guidelines for the transaction type being tested are available on the same web page as the test results.

eSupplierWorks™ solves these problems for your suppliers:

  • Having to “wait in line” to get started on testing
  • Getting testing feedback via email and phone is slow and cumbersome
  • Testing feedback is not always clear and requires more explanation
  • Multiple test attempts take weeks or longer to execute

Portal for Your Company

After we set up the portal with your company's requirements, the process for you is fast and easy: 1. You invite suppliers to go to the portal, 2. suppliers complete the onboarding steps and tests you specify, and 3. you move the suppliers to production. 

Tools are provided to assist you with efficiently managing the entire on-boarding process. You get insight into each supplier’s progress with reports, filters, and graphs.

Status reporting for management is easy. Suppliers that are not proceeding as planned are identified.

eSupplierWorks™ solves these problems for your company:

  • Not enough of your suppliers are compliant with your EDI guidelines
  • Testing new EDI suppliers is labor intensive and takes too long
  • Implementing new or revised transactions types with existing EDI suppliers takes too long
  • Compiling statistics for the onboarding process is difficult
  • Status reporting of supplier progress is time consuming
  • Errors in production EDI documents damage your supply chain processes

Optional error checking of production documents is available to ensure continuing compliance with your guidelines.

Non-EDI Capable Suppliers

Non-EDI capable suppliers who choose EDI service from CovalentWorks use pre-tested maps that follow your guidelines and ensure accuracy of production data. They are quickly moved into production status. 

An FTP or AS/2 connection can be established with your EDI infrastructure so that there are no VAN charges to you for suppliers who use services from CovalentWorks.

Services available to suppliers include MyB2B web forms and B2BWorks EDI integration with their systems.

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EDI Solution Comparison

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Web-based portal
Interfaces to other systems Optional
Complete turnkey solution: ✓*
GS1-128 bar code labels Optional
Web-based software
Works with 3PL
Phone and email support
Online help
Transaction mapping
Trading partner testing

All EDI Solutions Also Include:

Access from Anywhere

Unlimited number of users

No annual fee, no maintenance fee

No fee per EDI customer per month

Month to month agreement, no long-term contract

*IT support required during testing for B2BWorks.