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CovalentWorks probably saved us around $30,000 on the first order compared with our old 3PL's EDI Service."

edi for fashion designSince 1998, Global Design Group has been producing great fashion designs and original accessories for its clients. During this time, the company has maintained a strong commitment to its social responsibilities by using ethically-sourced, sustainable materials whenever possible.

Combined with extensive quality control and attention to detail, Global Design's ethical stance has made it a sought-after partner for numerous brands and private label retail. Unfortunately, this high demand led to logistical problems, which demanded outside help.

The Problem

For years, Global Design had upsized and downsized, however, advancing needs ultimately forced CEO David Wehrle to partner with a third party logistics provider (3PL) that offered EDI service as part of its bundle. Six months into the deal, it was clear there was a big problem.

"After only a few months, we discovered the 3PL was racking up crushing chargebacks by ignoring the customer's notifications that Advanced Shipping Notices were not correct," Wehrle said.

In just half a year's time, the third-party 3PL had tallied an astounding $120,000 in chargebacks, leading Wehrle to seek help from the professionals at CovalentWorks.

CovalentWorks Solution

Because Global Design works with major retailers with unique and complicated EDI document specifications and rules, the company needed efficient, reliable solutions that would put an end to crippling chargebacks. Thanks to CovalentWorks MyB2B web-based EDI service, Wehrle got exactly what he needed. Now Global Design employees are able to process the required EDI documents themselves, and the difference has been incredible.

"When we made the switch to CovalentWorks, I held my breath as we received information related to the first order," Wehrle said. "To say it was a noticeable difference would be an understatement. The previous level of chargebacks threatened our business relationship with the customer. CovalentWorks probably saved us around $30,000 on the first order compared with our old 3PL's EDI Service."

Best of all, according to Wehrle, the transition was pretty straight forward, thanks to CovalentWorks courteous, knowledgeable experts.

"Between Jeffrey and Dong, they literally set up our internal EDI systems from start to finish. They walked us through the process until we all learned the Covalent system. They absolutely did what they said they would do and more. I'm a pretty big fan of theirs."

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