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Go By Truck

Our employment of the B2BWorks product from CovalentWorks has enabled us to compete with companies’ superior to our size."
go by truck

Moving product from one destination to another can significantly drain a company’s bottom line. When labor, freight costs, processes and technology are taken into account, transportation budgets can increase quickly.

Founded to eliminate excessive costs associated with the broker-dependent shipping model, the Go By Truck freight-management application allows shippers, carriers and drivers to conduct business in the free market. It addresses the problems that slow down transportation and drive up costs by utilizing an online platform that benefits both shippers and carriers.

Businesses can use Go By Truck to negotiate transactions based on the spot market with real-time pricing, which means loads are delivered faster and trucks stay full. Invoicing and auditing are fully automated, so shippers can release payment upon delivery, making the process more efficient for everyone. With Go By Truck, owner-operators no longer have to turn over a portion of their profits to a factoring company while shippers have all the documentation they need right at their fingertips.

The Problem

To effectively serve shippers, drivers and carriers, Go By Truck needed reliable Electronic Data Interchange capabilities. Information that must be exchanged quickly, efficiently and safely included freight finding, carrier safety verification, freight transacting, accessorial handling, driver updates, shipment locating, invoicing, auditing, and immediate carrier payment, among other things.

“Having a reliable partner to serve our EDI needs is critical in enabling us to uphold our service level commitments to our customers. The measurement of a company’s abilities is not whether they are problem free. It is how they handle themselves and their customers when a problem arises. CovalentWorks has proven to be a partner that we can trust as an extension of our team in both areas of service and problem resolution.”

Electronic Data Interchange, also known as EDI, is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between partners. Businesses can reduce costs, increase processing speed, curb errors and strengthen business partner relationships by moving from a paper-based business document exchange to one that is electronic.

CovalentWorks Solution

Speeding up information transfer between shippers, drivers and carriers is vital to reduce overall transportation costs. CovalentWorks stepped in and demonstrated the ability to provide order-processing tools that were simple to use and greatly improved efficiency using our B2BWorks solution.

Businesses aiming to optimize productivity can benefit from CovalentWorks’ B2BWorks solution, which eliminates manual data entry by seamlessly integrating EDI-related applications without expensive software or equipment.

With B2BWorks, EDI transactions are translated into CSV, XML or other file formats to properly integrate with applications. All transportation EDI documents such as the 204 Load Tender, 990 Response to Load Tender, 214 Status Message Update and 210 Invoice are all supported.

As global consumers demand merchandise faster and at more affordable prices, larger businesses have begun requesting product suppliers cut costs by streamlining procurement processes. Meet customer EDI-compliance requirements, standardize transaction processes and share information more easily with the B2BWorks solution from CovalentWorks. It can help reduce order processing, shipping expenses and invoicing costs by eliminating manual data entry labor time.

“Our employment of the B2BWorks product from CovalentWorks has enabled us to compete with companies’ superior to our size. Our IT team in combination with CovalentWork’s EDI group have been able to deliver on each new customer implementation in a timely and efficient manner.”

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