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EDI Outsourcing

Are you weighing your options on outsourcing EDI or implementing it in-house? For many small businesses outsourcing EDI is an easy, affordable and more time saving option. See why below.

Implementing EDI In-House

Each of the following components is needed if you choose to implement EDI capability in-house, which can be complex and time consuming.

  • Special EDI software to send and receive EDI transactions and support mapping
  • Staff or consultants to install and later upgrade the software
  • Staff or consultant experts to translate and map EDI documents into a useable form using the EDI software
  • Staff or consultant experts to set up and test EDI transactions with your trading partners to become EDI certified with them
  • Staff or consultants experts to oversee EDI transactions, upgrade maps as trading partner requirements change, and fix any issues that arise
  • Training for users on how to process EDI transactions
  • Hardware on which to run the software
  • VAN (Value Added Network) capability and specialized communication software and hardware to handle transportation of EDI transactions to and from trading partners.

Over 160,000 companies now use EDI for electronically exchanging business documents with their suppliers and customers. Many now require their trading partners to be EDI compliant as a condition for:

  • doing business with them
  • for taking a business relationship to the "next level"
  • for getting paid more quickly
  • for considering a new vendor application

Truly effective EDI capability is an ongoing process, not a project. It requires knowledge, experience, continued upgrades as trading partner requirements change, and constant over site.

Outsourcing EDI to a Provider Focused on Small Businesses

Hiring a specialized EDI outsourcing firm is the best long-term solution for many small businesses. Find out what it is like to work with CovalentWorks.

CovalentWorks provides everything you need to be EDI capable in one all-inclusive outsourced package. All you need to use our service is Internet access and e-mail.

You won't have to worry about software installation, software upgrades, document format translation, mapping of hundreds of field names, purchase of an additional server, transaction communication requirements for each partner, EDI VAN fees, yearly contracts, staff vacations, training, and turnover. We do it all for you with a complete EDI solution.

CovalentWork's web-based EDI services will quickly and easily make your company EDI compliant so that you can focus on growing your business.

Learn more about why CovalentWorks is the right choice to deliver outstanding, industry-leading EDI service for your company.

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EDI Solution Comparison

Comparison Item




Web-based portal
Interfaces to other systems Optional
Complete turnkey solution: ✓*
GS1-128 bar code labels Optional
Web-based software
Works with 3PL
Phone and email support
Online help
Transaction mapping
Trading partner testing

All EDI Solutions Also Include:

Access from Anywhere

Unlimited number of users

No annual fee, no maintenance fee

No fee per EDI customer per month

Month to month agreement, no long-term contract

*IT support required during testing for B2BWorks.