Promotional Wood Products Case Study

Along with the easy- to-use EDI service, CovalentWorks has a slick little interface they designed to work seamlessly with our QuickBooks accounting software."

promotional-wood-productsFor over 25 years, Promotional Wood Products has manufactured custom bourbon barrel head art objects from its headquarters in Boston, Kentucky. During this time, the company has built a reputation for quality that's allowed it to land contracts with top retailers, including Bass Pro Shops and Jim Beam American Stillhouse.

With these profitable relationships came a need for advanced EDI solutions. But, as a small business, Promotional Wood Products needed big league solutions that wouldn't send the company over budget.

The Problem

Promotional Wood Products has made a name for itself within its industry; however, it's also a family-owned business that serves a specific niche market. The company operates under a strict budget that requires cost-competitive solutions. At the same time, although it's not a Fortune 500 enterprise, Promotional Wood Products expected top-tier service and attention, especially since it works with some big-name retailers which have their own high demands.

CovalentWorks Solution

When it comes to delivering premier EDI solutions at cost-competitive prices, CovalentWorks is an industry leader. According to Promotional Wood Products Administration Manager Murrell Thixton, that fact was clear from the moment his company chose CovalentWorks for its EDI requirements.

"Third-party EDI was a new experience for us, but they made it easy," he said. "What they do, they do well, and they sell it to you at a very reasonable price. Other competitors will upsell you and feed you bull. They don't do that. We got their service, we got what we paid for, and there was no b.s."

Thixton says CovalentWorks has been a reliable asset for his company, delivering attentive, courteous customer service whenever it's needed.

"The customer service has been great," he said. "They're very responsive and quick to get me an answer. All in all, it's been a very good experience. They've made us feel like a big customer."

QuickBooks EDI Interface

Thixton loves the QuickBooks Interface:

"Along with the easy- to-use EDI service, CovalentWorks has a slick little interface they designed to work seamlessly with our QuickBooks accounting software. It literally took just 15 minutes on the phone to get the walk through on how to use it and it's been a snap ever since.""

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EDI Solution Comparison

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Turnkey solution ✓* ×
Web-based software included ×
Web-based portal × ×
Interfaces to other systems Optional ×
IT support included × ×
Transaction mapping ✓** ✓** ×
GS1-128 bar code labels ×
Trading partner testing ×
EDI VAN, AS/2, FTP ✓***
Training ×
Internet access from anywhere
Unlimited number of users
Month to month agreement
Free U.S. based support

*IT support required during testing for B2BWorks.

**MyB2B and B2BWorks include mapping for all transaction types for any partner in the world.

***EDI VAN service is included at no charge with both MyB2B and B2BWorks.

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  • Using a web based EDI program has saved our company time, money and a lot of headaches. Software updates and configurations are no longer a thorn in my side, thank you Covalent Works!

    Cher Gray-AlderferController, Christine Taylor Collection

  • Our switch to Covalent Works was a fantastic move for both us and our customers. Covalent has provided excellent cost effective service, and meets all our EDI needs. Thank you, and we look forward to the same great service for years to come.

    Brian DickeyPresident, Bio Clinical Labs