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Spartan Nash EDI Compliance

SpartanNash is a food distribution company that recently changed its name Spartan Stores and Nash Finch merged. The company was founded in 1917 and also operates as a grocery store with close to 170 stores. SpartanNash is ranked 1st by revenue in the distribution of food products to military commissaries and exchanges in the U.S. The company is known for its many private label grocery brands.

EDI documents are communicated using the a VAN (Value Added Network). The following EDI document types and labels are used by SpartanNash and have been completely tested by CovalentWorks for precise compliance with SpartanNash’s EDI qualifications.

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Spartan Nash EDI Requirements

The ASN (Advance Shipping notice) will have extensive information about the items that are being shipped and how they are being transported. For example, the gross weight, SCAC code, carrier name, trailer number, carrier assigned package ID, date, shipment method of payment, location ID and description will be included as well as information directly from the purchase order.

SpartanNash uses the SOPI and SOTI format for ASN’s. SOPI stands for Shipment, Order, Pack (carton) and Item. SOPI is also known as “Pick and Pack” because more than one type of item can be packed into the same carton.

The SOTI (Shipment, Order, Tare (Pallet) and Item) ASN format is identical to SOPI except that the carton information is replaced by pallet information. 

Spartan Stores suppliers use several label types when a purchase order is fulfilled. They include:

  • Carton Only
  • Pallet Only
  • Z Carton Only Label
  • Z Pallet Only Label

Below is a sample:

Spartan Nash Barcode Shipping Label Examples

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