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Walgreens EDI Compliance and Certification

Walgreens is a popular drug store chain that has around 8,200 stores throughout North America, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In 2015, Walgreens was ranked 35th on the Fortune 500 list and is also the biggest drug retail store in the U.S. In 2014, the company had approximately 260,000 employees and a revenue of $76.3 billion. Walgreens stores carry a wide assortment of drug store products and have a pharmacy that it provides for its customers.

EDI documents are transmitted over a connection protocol called a VAN (Value Added Network). Below are the EDI document types and labels that are required by Walgreens. All of them have been fully verified by CovalentWorks for accurate compliance and certification with Walgreens EDI qualifications.

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Walgreens EDI Requirements

Walgreens requires several kinds of labels when suppliers ship orders. Some of these labels types are:

  • Individual Carton labels
  • Pallet labels

The ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) contains detailed information about the products that are being sent to Walgreens and as well as transportation information. For example, the shipment weight, SCAC code, invoice number, Bill of Lading, shipped date, estimated delivery date, product ID, lot number and expiration date will be included in addition to data that comes from the purchase order.

Walgreens uses the SOPI and SOTI format for ASN’s.

SOPI stands for Shipment, Order, Pack (carton) and Item. SOPI is also known as “Pick and Pack” because more than one type of item can be packed into the same carton.

The SOTI (Shipment, Order, Tare (Pallet) and Item) ASN format is identical to SOPI except that the carton information is replaced by pallet information which the T (Tare) level of the ASN.

Walgreens employs a cross docking system that accelerates the distribution of products to drug stores. Cross docking is a warehouse process in which items from a supplier are shipped to drug stores through a distribution center.

Trucks from suppliers pull up on one side of a distribution center and trucks going out to the stores dock on the other side of the distribution center. Automated conveyer belts move product from one side of the building to the other side. Cross docking helps reduce handling costs and storage time.

Below are two label samples.

Walgreens Barcode Shipping Label Examples

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