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862 Shipping Schedule

An EDI 862 Shipping Schedule is an electronic document that is used to convey to a supplier specific shipping schedule requirements. EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. Companies use EDI to reduce the errors and costs associated with the manual keying of data, and to speed up the process of sending and receiving Purchase 862.

Typically a trading partner will send an 862 Shipping Schedule to the supplier in order to state short term requirements and shipping schedules. The 862 Shipping Schedule may supplant and add more specific instructions to an 830 Planning Schedule/Material Release that the trading partner previously sent.

EDI is a mature electronic document format that has been carefully defined both by the companies that require their trading partners to use EDI and by standards bodies. The two recognized standards for EDI are ANSI X.12 and UN/EDIFACT. ANSI X.12 is by far the most widely used standard in the United States. UN/EDIFACT is more popular outside the United States, although it is used by US automotive manufactures.

Each EDI Shipping Schedule document will have data organized into segments and data elements. Each segment contains at least one data element. Each data element is a data field. The standards bodies have allowed for every conceivable possibility for data on the EDI Shipping Schedule document. Any one company will use a small subset of the available choices within the ANS X.12 or UN/EDIFACT standards.

Each company that requires its suppliers to use EDI will have an EDI Guide or mapping document. The EDI Guide will specify each segment and data element, the allowable values for each, and the applicable business rules that must be followed. EDI guides are detailed and extensive. It is not unusual for an EDI Guide to be more than 100 pages long.

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