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Needing an easy EDI solution is a sure sign that you are growing your business with large customers. CovalentWorks offers EDI services for small businesses making it both EASY and AFFORDABLE for you to exchange transactions with all of your partners – both large and small.

Becoming Compliant with MyB2B EDI Service

Many large customers now require that their suppliers have EDI capability. With the MyB2B EDI service, you meet the compliancy neeed of small companies who need to be EDI capable with their large-company customers. Your customers can send you EDI documents such as purchase orders.

MyB2B enables suppliers to send and receive EDI transactions without having to re-key information by automatically creating Advance Ship Notices and Invoices from Purchase Orders. Bar Code label numbers for shipments are supported as well.

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Avoid costly software with Web-based EDI

You won’t have to buy and install costly software. In fact, CovalentWorks' EDI service is as affordable as a cell phone bill. Our EDI service is web-based and accessed through the “cloud.” MyB2B is accessed using your browser and your internet connection to our secure web site. You won’t have to find and pay for a VAN (value added network). Don’t worry if you don’t know what a VAN is. We take of everything!

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Fast, friendly and knowledgeable support

You will be assigned a client service representative when you sign up. Your client service representative will answer your questions and provide training on MyB2B. Our team will take care of working with your customer in order to implement the EDI setup details.

MyB2B service comes with unlimited access to our help desk experts who are thoroughly familar with the EDI requirements of your customers. When you have questions, your CovalentWorks customer service representative will give you the answers you need.

Our success is dependent on your success. We’ll refund your monthly service fee if you are not satisfied.

Small Business Focus

CovalentWorks EDI services are specifically designed to meet the needs of small for managing electronic orders from large trading partners.

CovalentWorks provides a web hosted service because we understand your staffing, technology and budget constraints. Our service minimizes your cost and effort through:

  • Automating the document flow between you and your customers
  • No investment in hardware
  • No new staffing
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No annual fees
  • No software to purchase or maintain

EDI outsourcing makes life simple

Should you outsource your EDI needs to CovalentWorks?

If you want easy EDI service with your partners and you would like for someone else to manage the complexities of EDI, then you should contact us to learn more. You won’t have to worry about software installation, software upgrades, document format translation, mapping of hundreds of field names, purchase of an additional server, transaction communication requirements for each partner, VAN fees, yearly contracts, staff vacations, training and turnover.

CovalentWork's web based EDI services will promptly make your company EDI compliant.

How much do CovalentWorks services cost?

Call toll free anytime (800) 496-3380 to discover how affordable EDI can be or get a free quote instantly.

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